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  • Do you need better wheelchair access?

  • Before selecting a residential elevator,
    consider your expectations

  • Through our extensive selection– you'll find vertical
    and inclined wheelchair lifts as well as adjustable stair lifts.

  • From entering a building to moving between floors, our
    Apex Wheelchair Lifts present an economical solution.

  • Built for multi-story homes and small commercial buildings,
    these devices efficiently travel between floors.

  • Our two residential dumbwaiters dependably assist with moving
    trays of food, baskets of laundry, and many more items between floors

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Efficient, High-Quality Mobility Solutions for Washington State Homes & Businesses

Contemporary & Traditional Elevators

A large product line covers several traditional and contemporary elevators. Our Freedom elevators utilize a hydraulic or traction drive system, with a hoistway built directly into your home. Vision contemporary elevators offer a fully self-contained solution of a cab and hoistway; not only is installation minimal, but the result gives a beautiful panoramic view of your home’s interior. Although traditional and contemporary elevators assist with greater mobility and improved accessibility, home or business owners may have specific needs. Our Washington team, in this regards, designs custom elevators – each with a unique visual appearance – or can install a hybrid LULA device for wheelchair access in a commercial building.

Stair Lifts & Wheelchair Lifts

For a homeowner with a multi-story dwelling or a business owner in a low-rise building, stairs may pose an obstacle. So, to accommodate varying mobility needs, install one of our Indy Stair Lifts. A choice of configurations, varying weight capacities, and sizes to accommodate narrow stair cases ensure a stair lift matches your needs without compromising. All come with safety sensors to detect any obstructions. Inclined platform and vertical lifts present two effective options for improving wheelchair accessibility. Install a system that takes a straight path from one floor to another or goes directly alongside a staircase, with options to accommodate multiple levels.


Lifting and carrying shouldn’t be a risk – so have a dumbwaiter do the task as you take the stairs. Nationwide Lifts’ Jeeves line takes this basic functionality up a notch with clear prompts and commercial-grade construction.

Our Products

America’s Leader in Home Elevators Presents a Wide Array of Products

Elevators bridge the practicality of accessibility with the exhilarating feeling of effortlessly moving between floors of your own home. For Washington State residents, Nationwide Lifts creates this path with an all-encompassing product line of residential and commercial mobility devices.