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Wheel Chair Lifts

All wheel chair lifts come standard with many safety features
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Indoor & Outdoor Accessibility with Wheelchair Lifts

Add a Vertical or Inclined Lift to your Washington State Home or Building

Up, down, or over, Apex wheelchair lifts smoothly and safely get you where you need to go.

Nationwide Lifts' screw or hydraulic drives rise and fall to take a wheelchair or motor scooter user to a higher level, capable of accommodating multiple stops. Inclined lifts move a non-skid platform alongside one or more flights of stairs, with custom options available to align exactly with your Washington State home or building.
Nationwide Lifts' Apex line has a solution to meet and exceed your needs.

Vertical Lifts

Apex Green

This wheelchair lift uses a screw-drive system to elevate the platform.

Convenient & Durable

It travels a maximum distance of 14 feet. This unit is ideal for outdoor applications.

Apex Hydro

Reach heights of 14 feet with the Apex Hydro, a hydraulic vertical lift.

Aesthetic & Functional

The hydraulic lift delivers a faster speed than a screw drive while maintaining a smooth ride.

Apex Complete

Get full enclosure from the Apex Complete.

Technical Specs

Starting with an Apex Green or Apex Hydro mechanism, this wheelchair lift enclosure is constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum and clear acrylic, tinted acrylic, or painted steel panels. .

Apex Elite

A stainless steel and glass panel design frames this luxurious, custom wheelchair lift – an ideal solution for top-tier, high-end homes and buildings.


Corrosion-resistant stainless steel supports this vertical hydraulic wheelchair lift holding up to 750 pounds.

Inclined Platform Lifts

A platform attached to a curved or straight rail moves alongside a wall. This solution ideal for interior accessibility features a durable, non-skid platform that moves up one or more floors.

Delta IPL

A 550- or 660-pound capacity and maximum 82-foot distance make this inclined lift essential for floor to floor accessibility.


The Delta is designed for straight staircases.

Omega IPL

For creating accessibility on curved staircases, this inclined platform lift is the way to go.


Install it to reach a distance up to 164 feet with a cable-drive system.