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All stair lifts come standard with many safety features
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Up to a New Level With Indy Stair Lifts

Several Sizes & Configurations for Washington State Homes & Buildings

Nationwide Lifts' Indy Stair Lifts line has a wide range of Washington State homeowners and building owners in mind. We'll accommodate you with narrower frames, greater carrying capacities, and even platforms for wheelchairs!

Indy Pinnacle

When corridors and stairways tend to be on the narrow side, think compact – and also think Indy Pinnacle for mobility.

Narrow & Efficient

This 350-pound supporting stair lift folds up to just 11 inches away from the wall.

Indy Lux

Nationwide Lifts' standard stair lift model brings together the compactness needed for many homes and businesses with the adjustability and carrying capacity to support a variety of body types.

Luxury & Functionality

These stair lifts requiring minimal maintenance support up to 400 pounds.

Indy Curve

Nationwide Lifts prides ourselves on customization – and our stair lifts are no exception!

Custom & Efficiency

With the Indy Curve, we create a track that goes with the contours and shape of your home's staircase, including around sharp angles and over landings.

Indy Outdoor

With a 19-inch swivel seat and weather-tight covers, the Indy Outdoor combines a stair lift's functionality with the durability needed to withstand Washington State's cold and wet weather.

Durable & All-Weather

While weather-tight covers keep out the elements, the mobility system installs directly to the stairs.

Indy XL

Nationwide Lifts goes above and beyond expectations with the Indy XL.

Heavy-Duty & Supportive

This heavy-duty, reinforced stair lift supports up to 600 pounds and adjusts to suit several body types and sizes.

Indy Platform

Accommodate wheelchair with the Indy Platform, based on the Indy Pinnacle but featuring a 25"x36" non-skid surface (other sizes available).

Versatile & Accommodating

Move up to 40 feet from one floor to another, and after usage, the platform folds up to avoid creating an obstruction.