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Nationwide Lifts’ home elevators meet the need and go beyond.
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Contemporary & Traditional Elevators for Washington Homes & Buildings

Start your new mobility journey with Nationwide Lifts. An array of traditional and contemporary mechanisms bridge obstructions created by stairs, all while providing a path for wheelchair lift accessibility, convenience, and the ability to move furniture, electronics, and more items between floors.

Freedom Traditional Elevators

Traditional defines our Freedom Elevators' appearance and functionality. Nationwide Lifts offers multiple strengths and sizes. Start small with the Freedom Hydro, a hydraulic residential elevator with a 1,000-pound capacity, and go up to the luxurious Freedom Elite, our largest model and one that supports up to 1,500 pounds. Your commercial and energy-efficient needs are further taken into account. Freedom Green elevators, operating with a traction drive system, function on half the energy of standard models, while the Freedom Commercial's 1,400-pound capacity is ideal for low-rise buildings needing improved accessibility.

Freedom Green

A residential elevator with fully-automatic operation supports up to 1,000 pounds over multiple stops. A traction-drive mechanism eliminates the need for a machine room and hydraulic oil.

Commercial & Residential Solutions

Available with up to 15 sq ft of floor interior floor space and many customizable options. This elevator does not require a machine room.

Freedom Hydro

This home elevator has 1,000-pound capacity, and uses hydraulic operation for a smooth, quiet ride between floors.

Technical Specs

This elevator requires a machine room.

Freedom Elite

Our most luxurious residential elevator features automatic sliding doors. Along with a 1,500-pound limit, the elevator offers the largest residential elevator cab.


Glass windows, glass doors, and decorative metal panels are just a few of the many options.

Freedom Commercial LULA

Expand your building’s mobility capabilities with this commercial elevator. Each hydraulic system supports up to 1,400 pounds and features a 48”x54” platform and 84” interior height.

Technical Specs

Meet your building’s specific aesthetic or mobility needs with a custom or LULA elevator. Nationwide Lifts designs custom elevators to your specifications, from a unique style to effortlessly blending into the existing décor. Limited Use/Limited Application (LULA) elevators offer a hybrid design for a low-rise commercial building to meet ADA requirements. This elevator covering 18 square feet of floor space offers ample room for wheelchair accessibility between multiple floors.

Vision Contemporary Elevators

Vision elevators start with a compact design and convenient installation and expand to a great view. These panoramic fixtures are entirely self contained and do not require a pit, machine room, or newly-constructed hoistway. Installation not only takes less time but also further lowers the homeowner's expenses. Pneumatic: Three Vision elevators – the Vision 350, 450, and 550 – utilize a pneumatic mechanism that functions like a vacuum to move the cab up and down the hoistway. Capacities range from 350 to 525 pounds, while exterior diameters start at 30 inches and go up to 52 inches. Cable-Driven: Vision's larger home elevators move with a cable-driven mechanism. The Visi-48, standing out with an octagonal shape, has a 48-inch by 48-inch footprint and holds up to 744 pounds. The Visi-58, with a rounded cab, features a 58-inch exterior diameter and has enough power to support 830 pounds. Both offer sufficient room for a wheelchair user.

Vision 350

A small, 30-inch wide residential elevator that supports up to 350 pounds.

Technical Specs

A small, 30-inch wide residential elevator that supports up to 350 pounds.

Vision 450

• Utilizes a vacuum drive
• 450 lb. capacity
• No pit required
• 37" diameter

Technical Specs

The Vision 450 is a home elevator is a pneumatic lift operating with a vacuum concept. This elevator requires no pit and machine room.

Vision 550

A wheelchair-accessible pneumatic elevator with a 52-inch outside diameter and 525-pound carrying ability.

Technical Specs

A wheelchair-accessible pneumatic elevator with a 52-inch outside diameter and 525-pound carrying ability.


Narionwide Lifts brings together a unique octagonal design with cable-driven operation.

Technical Specs

Each elevator offers 11.9 square feet of interior space and a 744-pound lifting capacity – enough to accommodate a wheelchair user.


Nationwide Lifts’ round cable-driven elevator fits into residential and commercial environments with a 58-inch diameter and ability to lift up to 830 pounds.

Technical Specs

13.4 square feet of floor space, and 840-pound strength for residential and commercial buildings.

Specialized Systems

Artisan Elevators: Nationwide Lifts designs custom elevators according to your specifications, from ones that seamlessly blend into your Washington State home to striking, old-fashioned birdcage designs. LULA Elevators: Nationwide Lifts' hybrid mobility fixtures bring together an elevator with a wheelchair lift. Systems support up to 1,400 and travel a distance of 25 feet, all while occupying just 18 square feet of floor space.