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Quality construction goes into Nationwide Lifts’ Jeeves systems.
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Elevate Convenience with a Jeeves Dumbwaiter

Explore new levels of convenience with a dumbwaiter. On a general level, these systems assist with moving items, such as boxes, groceries, and trays of food, between floors in a home. In the process, the potential risk of injuries associated with climbing and carrying up a set of stairs decreases.

Nationwide Lifts starts here and goes beyond with our Jeeves Dumbwaiters. Products have a reliable foundation of a commercial-grade rail and trolley to transport the cab between floors, and a maintenance-free motor-gear assembly creates dependable functionality for many years.

Our Jeeves Dumbwaiter line includes two standard categories, each equipped with safety features.

Models for Washington State Homes

Jeeves Econolift

Designed with Nationwide Lifts' high-quality and innovative features, the Jeeves Econolift features a finished birch cab and operates along a 30 fpm cable-drive system.

Maintenance-Free Motor-Gear

100- and 150-pound models all travel maximum distances of 35 feet over up to three stops.


Jeeves Pro Dumbwaiter

Meet heavier lifting demands with the Jeeves Pro, a dumbwaiter system available in 125-, 250-, 300- ,and 500-pound capacities. Jeeves' standard features accompany a powder-coated steel cab (stainless steel available) that moves at a 30fpm rate.

Technical Specs

Each goes as far as 80 feet over six stops.